Restorative Approaches to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

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Restorative Approaches to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Restorative Approaches to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

9 May 2022

Dr Ian D. Marder, Assistant Professor in Criminology at Maynooth University, discusses Restorative Approaches to teaching and learning, with students Jenny Finlay and Katrina Mendham.

Academics who teach and research in the fields of education, social work, youth and community work or criminal justice might have come across the concept of restorative practices and the idea that this can be used proactively to build relationships and enable participation in public services. However, we are yet to explore the full potential of restorative principles and skills within higher education teaching and learning. This interactive workshop will explore the ways in which educators at Higher Education Institutions can apply a restorative framework as a teaching philosophy and a practice in any discipline. Participants will consider the applicability of restorative principles to higher education, exploring how restorative processes can help improve relationships and facilitate meaningful student participation in degree-level courses. Examples will include the use of circle processes in the classroom, a sustained restorative dialogue within a master’s course, and dialogic methods of obtaining student feedback.

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  • Ian D. Marder, Trevor Vaugh, Catriona Kenny, Shauna Dempsey, Erika Savage, Ruairí Weiner, Kate Duffy & Grace Hughes (2021) Enabling Student Participation in Course Review and Redesign: Piloting Restorative Practices and Design Thinking in an Undergraduate Criminology Programme, Journal of Criminal Justice Education, DOI: 10.1080/10511253.2021.2010781

More about our presenters

Dr Ian Marder

Ian Marder is Assistant Professor of Criminology in the School of Law and Criminology at Maynooth University

Jenny Finlay & Katrina Mendham

Jenny and Katrina are MA students and research assistants in Restorative Education