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EDTL Approach for Programmes
EDTL Approach for Programmes

26th September 2020

EDTL team members Julie Byrne and Marian O’Connor speak about the EDTL Approach for Programmes. With contributions from EDTL student interns Catherine Dawson and Ben Ryan, and special guest Geraldine O’Neill, Associate Professor and Educational Developer at UCD.

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And from Geraldine O’Neill’s talk: 

More about our presenters

Dr Geraldine O’Neill

Geraldine is Associate Professor and educational developer in UCD Teaching & Learning.

Julie Byrne

Julie Byrne is EDTL Academic Lead at Trinity College Dublin.

Marian O’Connor

Marian O’Connor is project manager at UCD.

Catherine Dawson and Ben Ryan

Catherine and Ben are EDTL student associate interns at UCC and TCD.