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Consider Technology to Support Academic Integrity
Consider Technology to Support Academic Integrity

19th October 2020

Presented by Sharon Flynn, Fiona O’Riordan and Rob Lowney, with EDTL interns Ruairi O’Gallchoir (IUA), Laura Anne Scanlon (DCU) and Ben Ryan (TCD).

As part of Ireland’s inaugural National Academic Integrity Week (19 – 23 October), join Sharon Flynn (IUA), Fiona O’Riordan (DCU) and Rob Lowney (IUA/DCU) to talk about how to use technology to support a culture of academic integrity in online and remote teaching and assessment. Warning: we will not be focusing on detection or surveillance tools, but rather on how to use technology to support communication and meaningful assessment in the online environment.

As part of the IUADigEd contribution to the national week of events, our EDTL student intern team will spend the week promoting academic integrity on the edtl.iua Instagram account, highlighting supports that are available to students who need a little help with completing assignments. And we will be re-launching our Advice for Academic Integrity in Online Assessment in a new, engaging form to complement the EDTL Approach for Effective Remote Teaching.

Webinar Resources

More about our presenters

Rob Lowney

Rob Lowney is EDTL project team member and learning technologist at DCU

Fiona O’Riordan

Fiona works as an Academic Developer in the Teaching Enhancement Unit at DCU.

Sharon Flynn

Sharon is project manager of the EDTL project with the IUA

Ruairi O’Gallchoir

IUA student associate intern

Ben Ryan

TCD student associate intern

Laura Anne Scanlon

DCU student associate intern

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