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Assessment Online in a Crisis
Assessment Online in a Crisis

6th April 2020

On 16 March 2020, it was announced that all Irish schools and colleges would close, due to Covid-19, and that teaching would take place online. In a follow up to the discussion on teaching during the crisis on 23 March, the EDTL team came together again on 6 April to discuss the challenges of assessment during the crisis.

In this webinar, the Enhancing Digital Teaching and Learning team talk about how we are responding to the current crisis and requirements for assessment to be moved online, and how we can refocus away from the tools and technologies to good assessment practice. Very informal discussion.

Webinar Resources

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Technology Enhancing Assessment Exemplars compiled by team members at Dublin City University.

Recommendations for Academic Integrity in Online and Remote Assessment (pdf download)

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More about our presenters

Dr Sharon Flynn

Sharon is Project Manager of the EDTL project with the IUA

Dr Bonnie Long

Bonnie is Multimedia Content Developer with the Centre for Adult Learning and Professional Development at NUI Galway