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On this page you will find helpful resources and supports available at Maynooth University.

Your EDTL Student Interns

Aishling Gillen is an EDTL Project Intern at Maynooth University

Chris Abraham is an EDTL Project Intern at Maynooth University

Michaela Waters is an EDTL Project Intern at Maynooth University

Robyn Meyler is an EDTL Project Intern at Maynooth University

Your Project Team Contact

Morag Munro is the EDTL Project Representative at Maynooth University

MU Social

Whilst we endeavour to ensure the information on this page is accurate and up to date, please visit the Maynooth University website for the latest updates. 

2021/2022 Start dates:
20th of September for continuing students
27th of September for 1st year students

1. IT Services
The IT Services Student Support Team provide an online chat service to students of MU and SPCM. Students can contact the dedicated IT Services Student Support team by using the ‘ask’ chat feature at the end of the ‘Information for Students’ webpage. Students can also get help by contacting our customer service staff (Computing Assistants) in any of our student computing locations. 

2. Library Guides and Tutorials
A webpage containing useful online guides and tutorials to help you use Maynooth University Library resources effectively. These include guides on referencing, research support and subject guides. There are also laptops available for student use in the library.

3. Student Plus (for 1st years)
Student Plus is a free, academic skills course for first year students, running in Semester 1. There are 6 classes (1 per week) and each is designed to help you develop the skills that will enable you to learn more effectively during your time here at Maynooth University and for your future lifelong learning and career. It is also a way to get to meet other students from different first year courses. At the end, provided you have attended at least 80% of the classes, you will receive a certificate.

4. MAP (Maynooth Access Program) Academic Advisors
Many students will only experience difficulties at particular times during their academic journey and therefore may only require short term or very specific supports. For some students however these issues can become overwhelming and can threaten not only their academic participation but perhaps students may even feel like leaving their course. In order to ensure that students are supported as effectively as possible all academic departments have appointed a lecturer as a MAP Academic Advisor.

MAP Academic Advisors can offer academic guidance and support with course related academic issues or concerns. They can also ensure that you don’t need to necessarily talk with all of your lecturers about the issue as they can offer a coordinated point of access and support. The important thing is that you know that there is an academic contact within each Department who can offer you academic guidance and support when you need it.

5. Writing Centre
The Maynooth University Writing Centre offers free, friendly, non-judgemental writing help to any student, undergraduate or postgraduate, regardless of course, degree or level. The support we offer is primarily through one-to-one appointments, where students can discuss their writing with peer/expert tutors. In addition, Writing Centre staff offer writing workshops, support writing groups, engage in discipline specific work, and research in academic writing and related fields.

You can also access the Writing Centre Resources Page on Moodle, along with an Academic Writing Guide developed by Writing Centre Staff which is hosted on the University Library page.

6. Online Learning: Student Supports 2020-21 Website
This webpage contains curated resources by Maynooth University so that students can gain a deeper understanding of how to utilise technology effectively during their time at college. The website also has information on upcoming webinars and sessions to help students gain better understanding on the digital tools.

The EDTL project team in Maynooth has also put together resources, supports, and information on student projects to help students make the most of technology.

7. Academic Advisory Office
Offers a convenient first point of contact for students who wish to seek advice or assistance with their general experience of University life. The office provides an ombudsman-like role for students who may be encountering difficulties in their programme of study. You can contact the Academic Advisory Office directly by Email at This is the quickest and recommended way of contacting the office.

8. Disability Office
The Maynooth University Disability Office provides academic and personal assistance to undergraduate and postgraduate students.