November 2020 Newsletter

The initial nerves surrounding the run-up to the beginning of the first semester are but a distant memory now as winter enters full-swing. The coming combination of dark evenings and winter examinations will this year be, much like everything else, different. No invigilators will roam exam halls answering queries, no panicked students will be askingContinue reading “November 2020 Newsletter”

September 2020 Newsletter

Traditionally, the days getting shorter and the leaves beginning to fall from the trees signifies life being breathed back into campuses nationwide as students return from their summer break eager to make the most of the upcoming academic year. However in this year like no other, college campuses will remain quiet for the time beingContinue reading “September 2020 Newsletter”

July 2020 Newsletter

Over the past two months, Irish universities have been preparing for a big change. Come September, many university lecturers and students will adapt to learning in the online and hybrid modes. Armed with laptops and headphones, they will step into a new and evolving hybrid system that may very well be the new norm post-pandemic. To helpContinue reading “July 2020 Newsletter”