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September Newsletter

The academic calendar is back in full swing! A year without restrictions for the most part, traditional face-to-face teaching has returned from the offset and there is a sense of normality in the air on campuses around the country as students and staff return to the classroom. September also brings the EDTL project to a

July Newsletter

Following the end of exams and the release of CA and exam results, both students and faculty can begin a well deserved rest ahead of the return to the classroom in September. An academic year that started with the uncertainty of COVID-19 restrictions, ending with the prospect of a smooth return to normal operations for

May Newsletter

Another academic year draws to a close for many students and teachers across the country. With the summer sun comes a chance to reflect on our teaching and assessment methods and look at how the lessons learned in the past year can be used to do things differently come September. With the changing of the

February Newsletter

It is the end of February and the Spring term is flying by. With restrictions lifting, and campus life looking as close to pre-pandemic as it has in the past two years, it’s important to remember the lessons we’ve all learned. While it has been a difficult time for many in Higher Education, it has

December 2021 Newsletter

The last year has been full of new learning opportunities for all. As we have grappled with online and blended learning, we have also had the chance to embrace new ways of thinking, and consider new ways of teaching and learning. This newsletter will focus on the activity of the EDTL project in the past

October 2021 Newsletter

The new term has brought us a chance to reconnect with old faces and meet new faces on campuses up and down the country. With this opportunity to return to campus comes a need to adapt and to rethink our old ways of doing things. Both the methods used throughout Covid and before may need

August 2021 Newsletter

It was around this time last year when there were countless questions about how the upcoming teaching year might look like. This year there is still a certain amount of vagueness surrounding the finer details, but there does appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel at this stage. Face-to-face teaching will

June 2021 Newsletter

As summer reaches full bloom, college campuses across Ireland will be barely quieter than they were during semester time, such was the year. But there is now an air of optimism about the upcoming academic year, and the summer ahead will no doubt be full of planning and debate about just how that year will

April 2021 Newsletter

Change appears to have been the only constant over the last year, and there is no sign of that stopping anytime soon. As summer beckons and the hope of normality resuming becomes more and more of a reality, many of us will look forward to getting back to our regular routines as quickly as possible.

January 2021 Newsletter

It may be a new year, but not all that much has changed since our last newsletter. Any hopes for a return to business as usual for the second semester have quickly dissipated as the long-term reality of Covid-19 began to settle in, and it looks as if another period of remote learning is inevitable.

November 2020 Newsletter

The initial nerves surrounding the run-up to the beginning of the first semester are but a distant memory now as winter enters full-swing. The coming combination of dark evenings and winter examinations will this year be, much like everything else, different. No invigilators will roam exam halls answering queries, no panicked students will be asking

September 2020 Newsletter

Traditionally, the days getting shorter and the leaves beginning to fall from the trees signifies life being breathed back into campuses nationwide as students return from their summer break eager to make the most of the upcoming academic year. However in this year like no other, college campuses will remain quiet for the time being

July 2020 Newsletter

Over the past two months, Irish universities have been preparing for a big change. Come September, many university lecturers and students will adapt to learning in the online and hybrid modes. Armed with laptops and headphones, they will step into a new and evolving hybrid system that may very well be the new norm post-pandemic. To help

May 2020 Newsletter

323 Members of our community 118 Instagram followers 20 #HEinIsolation videos Our community is growing! The past few months have been a steep, and bumpy, learning curve for both students and staff who teach in Irish higher education. Campus shutdowns led to an online pivot phase as an emergency measure to ensure continuity in teaching

March 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the second edition of the Enhancing Digital Teaching & Learning newsletter! The Covid-19 crisis has brought about an unprecedented set of changes to the way Irish universities teach and learn. In this edition, we provide updates on our response as well as insight into the ways in which this crisis has transformed the digital learning environment in a matter of days.

January 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the Irish Universities Association’s first Digital Teaching and Learning Newsletter! It’s been exactly two months since our official launch at the Dublin Convention Centre, and we’re excited to share our first newsletter for 2020. As the debut edition, this newsletter covers everything from the project launch and pilot programs in the universities to

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