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EDTL Case Studies

One of Irish University Association’s newest team members Maeve Devoy, shares some of her work in the form of case studies, as part of her project called ‘The EDTL Story’.

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Maeve Devoy has recently joined the IUA team, tasked with gathering reflections and statements from almost all EDTL interns and staff to create ‘The EDTL Story’. Below, she shares her reflections on her work to date.

When I first set out to tell the EDTL story, I wanted to start at the very beginning – to collect the stories in chronological order – but it was not long before I realised the mayhem that each EDTL Team member had managed to make sense of. And that it was now my turn to do the same, with their help and patience. Luckily, everyone made time for me and my questions. 

In Sharon’s words, we decided to begin with the “low hanging fruit”: the projects that had already run their course or were already up and running. This meant I could get an understanding of the EDTL process, while trying to determine a suitable structure for the stories. Once, the story layout was finalised, I was truly able to get writing.  

Each of the interviews were 30 minutes to an hour long. They were filled with logic and lots of laughter, as each team member recalled their EDTL journey, from wondering where to start to returning to the basics, simply because Covid left them with no choice – but what was always clear was the sense of community within the group. And how it has enhanced the project’s output, as well as the academic experience across the country.  

It has been fascinating to hear about the difference the student interns made; how the staff and student partnerships worked so well and possibly changed the face of teaching and learning for the better. It was also surprising to realise that a lot of the problems the team tackled, were issues I remember having as an undergraduate ten years ago, when there was no such thing as a comprehensive digital resource. 

So, in the few months I have been a part of the EDTL story, I have learnt that it is possible to unite staff and students across universities and counties. To start a discussion that is not only effective but revolutionary. And I hope it continues, as every person I have spoken to, has described the beauty and the benefits in it.”

– Maeve Devoy

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