September Newsletter

September Newsletter
September Newsletter
September Newsletter

The academic calendar is back in full swing! A year without restrictions for the most part, traditional face-to-face teaching has returned from the offset and there is a sense of normality in the air on campuses around the country as students and staff return to the classroom.

September also brings the EDTL project to a near close as remaining interns and partner university staff finish up their respective reflections, reports and additional work. This month’s newsletter will provide an update on the Getting Started with Personal and Professional Digital Capacity open course, the latest installment of the #IUADigEd Webinar series taking place this week as well as a brand new version of the EDTL Approach: Planning for Effective Digital Teaching!

DCU Intern Sinead Mooney will share her thoughts following her successful appearance at the Association of Learning Technology (ALT) Conference in Manchester this month, as well as a reflection on her work throughout the EDTL project at DCU. Maeve Devoy will reveal some of the work behind her case studies piece ‘The EDTL Story’. Also included this month is an advisory article aimed towards mature students who are either attending third level education for the first time, or returning after some time.

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General News

Updates regarding the GSPPDC open course and a new #IUADigEd Webinar.

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GSPPDC update
In May, we launched the second national rollout of the Getting Started with Personal and Professional Digital Capacity open course. We opted to deliver a highly-flexible online version of the course to afford our participants the time to plan their teaching enhancement with the support of their peer groups and course.. continue reading

Sinéad Mooney – ALT Conference and DCU Contributions

DCU Intern Sinéad Mooney has been hard at work over the last few months. She recently attended and spoke at her first conference on behalf of DCU. Sinéad wrote the following article outlining her contributions both at the ALT Conference and at DCU.

Sinead Mooney presenting at the ALT Conference in Manchester.

Sinéad has been an EDTL Intern since September 2021. Having recently completed her final year in Communication Studies in DCU, she continued to contribute to the EDTL project over the summer months.. continue reading

EDTL Case Studies

One of Irish University Association’s newest team members Maeve Devoy, shares some of her work in the form of case studies, as part of her project called ‘The EDTL Story’.

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Maeve Devoy has recently joined the IUA team, tasked with gathering reflections and statements from almost all EDTL interns and staff to create ‘The EDTL Story’.. continue reading

Mature Students: Should and Good-to-Knows About University

An advisory guide with advice and reflections from currently enrolled mature students.

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The number of mature students in third-level education in Ireland is higher than ever, with roughly 18% of all students entering third-level education in 2018 over the age of 25. With all the challenges facing mature students, it’s easy to feel nervous, overwhelmed and out-of-place in the classroom. This article will discuss all of the tips to succeed and get past the early hurdles that mature students can face when entering third-level education either for the first time, or on their return.. continue reading

EDTL Approach: Planning for Effective Digital Teaching

The latest version of the EDTL Approach, aimed at those who would like to enhance their teaching using digital technology.

In the early Summer of 2020, as Irish Higher Education was recovering from the initial lockdown,
closed campuses and the sudden pivot to online learning, the EDTL project team came together to
collaborate on a resource to support staff to plan for a more effective approach to remote teaching
in the academic year 2020/21. Branded the EDTL Approach.. continue reading

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