July Newsletter

July Newsletter
July Newsletter
July Newsletter

Following the end of exams and the release of CA and exam results, both students and faculty can begin a well deserved rest ahead of the return to the classroom in September. An academic year that started with the uncertainty of COVID-19 restrictions, ending with the prospect of a smooth return to normal operations for all involved in third level institutions.

The summer break gives us a great opportunity to showcase some of the amazing work and contributions NUI Galway has made to the EDTL project to date, led by Kate Molloy. We will also hear from past-participants of the Getting Started with Personal and Professional Development course, who will discuss their experience starting out as participants and moving on to becoming facilitators of the course. TU Dublin based IUA-EDTL Intern Kyle Wright will share his advice on making the most of the summer break. Finally, read all about the EDTL’s first in-person event, organised by the interns themselves!

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EDTL at NUI Galway

A retrospective at the project timeline at NUI Galway, led by Kate Molloy.

With the EDTL project coming to a finish this year, it’s important that we share the hard work that has been carried out tirelessly behind the scenes on the project. NUI Galway project lead Kate Molloy has been hard at work since 2019 working on the EDTL project.

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Making the Most of Summer Break

Summer break is a great opportunity for students to switch off, relax or travel. It’s important to make the most of it.

sportive woman with bicycle resting on countryside road in sunlight
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Burn-out has become more and more common amongst students and academic staff since the beginning of 2020. With the stress and uncertainty of remote and blended learning, everyone has endured more stress in and around the classroom. That’s why it’s important to make the most of the time we have off over the summer months to rest, recover and enjoy the freedoms associated with that.

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Getting Started with Personal and Professional Digital Capacity

Hear from participants-turned-facilitators of the GSPPDC course, created in partnership by the EDTL project team and the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning.

laptop technology ipad tablet
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The student population is increasing in diversity and there are demands for increased flexibility in when and how learning opportunities are provided. Digital devices and applications are ubiquitous. To respond to the changes in student population and the increasingly digital environment, educators have to develop their digital skills and adapt to more innovative teaching approaches.

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Co-Creation Through Student Partnership – In Person!

On the 30th of May, IUA-EDTL interns finally got to meet in person, at an event held in The Sugar Club in Dublin. Past and present interns, university project leads and guests outside of the project were all in attendance to discuss co-creation through student partnership.

Photo by IUA Intern Fernandos Ongolly

After years of Zoom meetings, and growing increasingly familiar with each other’s office or bedroom set up, IUA/EDTL staff and EDTL interns finally had the opportunity to meet in-person at the first post-COVID event. Organised entirely by interns Fernandos Ongolly and Míde Níc Fhionnlaoich.

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