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Coffee and Cobblestones

Coffee and Cobblestones is a podcast which values teaching and learning and that’s mostly what they talk about with other experts: food for thought and things to try out yourself. Their latest episode was in collaboration with the EDTL project and looked at all things assessment.

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Coffee and Cobblestones is an academic practice podcast by Academic Practice in Trinity College Dublin which aims to discuss teaching and learning. The episodes are designed to last long enough to listen during a walk across Trinity campus and have a whole host of guest experts on to discuss all things teaching and learning.

Most recently, in conjunction with the EDTL project, they brought together a diverse range of voices to discuss all things assessment. EDTL student intern Míde, a current undergraduate in UCD and current postgraduate student in TCD Hesham, lead the conversation on open-book assessment, digital shift, and the challenges to academic integrity posed by so-called ‘student support’ essay mills and contract cheating. They were joined by the current USI Vice-President (Education), Megan O’Connor, Dr Iain MacLaren (Director of the Centre for Excellent in Learning & Teaching, NUI Galway), Dr Mary Fitzpatrick (Head of the Centre for Transformative Learning, University of Limerick) and Dr Kevin O’Rourke (Learning, Teaching, and Technology Centre, TU Dublin).

This podcast can be found here or listened to on spotify.

If you wish to see more from the student perspective on open book assessment, be sure to look at our student led webinar from the 28th of March where EDTL student interns Hannah Arthurs and Eimer Magee talk about their experiences of open book assessment. The conversation covers aspects such as: student and staff expectations of open book assessment; technology and time management challenges; mental strain and opportunity for deeper learning; future skills development; and lack of feedback, and can be found here.


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