May Newsletter

May Newsletter
May Newsletter
May Newsletter

Another academic year draws to a close for many students and teachers across the country. With the summer sun comes a chance to reflect on our teaching and assessment methods and look at how the lessons learned in the past year can be used to do things differently come September.

With the changing of the seasons, the EDTL project has also seen changes, with the departure of two of our team members, David Hamill from TCD and Cesar Scrochi from UCD. Their contribution to the EDTL project has been invaluable over the past few years and they will be greatly missed. We have also been lucky enough to welcome Dr Jonny Johnston and Maeve Devoy to the project. They will surely bring an exciting fresh perspective on Enhancing Digital Teaching and Learning, and to stay up to date with our activities remember to to subscribe to our newsletter here to receive a copy in your email inbox as soon as they are released!

EDTL Open Course Starting 23rd of May

Following on the success of the EDTL Open Course run at the end of last year by the EDTL team, a new offering of the course will begin on the 23rd of May and run over the summer in a highly flexible format.

We are delighted to announce the fully online, facilitated open course Getting Started with Personal & Professional Digital Capacity will run in a highly flexible mode over an extended time period this summer. It is a rare opportunity to develop your skills and reflect on how best to incorporate digital skills and resources into your teaching practices….. continue reading.

Student Partnerships: The EDTL Internship

The EDTL project is committed to the concept of Students as Partners and creating genuine student partnerships with staff. This past month has been a furry of activity for our student interns, who have been organising an event to help capture the lessons learned over the past 3 years, as well as presenting at the 2022 Change Agents Network Conference on the research student intern Fernandos Ongolly has carried out on the internship model in the EDTL project.

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On the 11th of May EDTL Interns took part in the Change Agents Network Conference 2022, presenting on research led by Fernandos Ongolly on the experiences of student interns in the EDTL project. The conference ran for 3 days in a hybrid format, with the EDTL team presenting on the first day…. continue reading.

Restorative approaches to teaching and learning in higher education

Ian Marder, Assistant Professor in the School of Law and Criminology in Maynooth University discusses how to incorporate restorative practices into how we teach in higher education and the value it brings to our teaching and learning practices.

When I teach in small group settings, we sit in a circle and the right to speak revolves around the circle sequentially. We use a talking piece to indicate whose turn it is to speak and, by extension, whose turn it is to listen. When the talking piece comes to a student, they are free to pass if they prefer… continue reading.

Coffee and Cobblestones

Coffee and Cobblestones is a podcast which values teaching and learning and that’s mostly what they talk about with other experts: food for thought and things to try out yourself. Their latest episode was in collaboration with the EDTL project and looked at all things assessment.

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Coffee and Cobblestones is an academic practice podcast by Academic Practice in Trinity College Dublin which aims to discuss teaching and learning. The episodes are designed to last long enough to listen during a walk across Trinity campus and have a whole host of guest experts on to discuss all things teaching and learning….. continue reading.

Teach Digi in the 2022 Horizon report

The EDUCAUSE Horizon report profiles important trends and key technologies and practices shaping the future of teaching and learning, and envisions a number of scenarios and implications for that future. This year, an EDTL initiative from UCC is highlighted as one of the exemplar projects.

Teach Digi” is a series of responsive digital educational training supports for UCC staff and has been selected as an exemplar in the Professional Development for Hybrid Teaching category of the 2022 Teaching and Learning Horizon Report. The report can be read here…. continue reading.

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