February Newsletter

February Newsletter
February Newsletter
February Newsletter

It is the end of February and the Spring term is flying by. With restrictions lifting, and campus life looking as close to pre-pandemic as it has in the past two years, it’s important to remember the lessons we’ve all learned. While it has been a difficult time for many in Higher Education, it has also allowed both staff and students an opportunity to embrace learning technology like never before, develop new digital skills, and adapt pedagogies to an ever-changing world.

With that in mind, this edition of the EDTL newsletter will take a look at developing digital skills, some of the fantastic work of our various team members, and the ways in which we learn from the ups and downs of life in education. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter here to receive a copy in your email inbox as soon as they are released!

Digital Literacy: The Experience of a Digital Learning Librarian

Marta Bustillo, the EDTL Digital Learning Librarian at University College Dublin, discusses her work on addressing the issue of digital literacy in students. She is in the process of developing a mini-module on the topic aimed at students with the assistance of UCD Student Intern Eimer Magee.

Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels.com

I joined the EDTL project in September 2021, working as a  Digital Learning Librarian based in UCD Library and collaborating with the UCD EDTL team. My remit within the EDTL team is to roll out a suite of learning resources and workshops to help students in the College of Engineering and Architecture and the College of  Science at UCD develop digital literacy skills…. continue reading.

Some Congratulations

There is always cause for celebration when something is done to help improve the teaching and learning in our universities, and recently two EDTL project activities received recognition for the great work done by our EDTL team members.

Various members of the EDTL team have been hard at work on both local projects and work spanning across our partner institutions. Between staff resources, digital skills course, webinars, scholarship and other activities, there is a lot being done nationwide by our EDTL team, and a few recent developments were a particular cause for celebration….. continue reading.

EDTL Open Course in Numbers

The EDTL Open Course which was launched last year has seen staff from institutions all over the country take part, from Universities to ETBs and everything in-between. This piece will take a look at some of the key figures.

The EDTL Getting Started with Personal & Professional Digital Capacity  badge is designed to place you on your digital development pathway, by supporting you to reflect on your own strengths, needs and goals in the digital learning environment, as well as those of your students…. continue reading.

Student Interns: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Throughout college, every student has their fair share of successes and failures,. from bad essays to acing exams, there is always something to learn from the highs and the lows. Our EDTL Student interns discuss their own experiences of succeeding and failing recently.

Failure and success are often viewed as black and white, however both give us opportunity to grow and learn. With that in mind our EDTL Student Interns reflected on the ways they have succeeded and failed recently…… continue reading.

New Resources: Technological University Dublin

With the recent addition of Technological University Dublin to the EDTL Project, our TUD Student Intern Kyle Wright, with the help of IUA Intern Míde Nic Fhionnlaoich, has created a guide for TUD students..

Technological University Dublin is the most recent addition to the Irish Universities Association, and by extension, the EDTL Project. With campuses in Tallaght, Blanchardstown, Grangegorman, Aungier Street and Bolton Street, TUD has a student population of 28,500…. continue reading.

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