October 2021 Newsletter

October 2021 Newsletter
October 2021 Newsletter
October 2021 Newsletter

Academic Integrity Week

For Academic Integrity Week, we take a look at some of the resources the EDTL project team has created on the subject of academic integrity.

Academic Integrity Week is upon us, and amid all the great work being done to promote academic integrity and to fight against contract cheating, we take a look at some of the work done by the EDTL team to support teaching staff in supporting academic integrity.

Last year, for Academic Integrity Week 2020, Sharon Flynn (IUA), Fiona O’Riordan (DCU) and Rob Lowney (IUA/DCU) came together to talk about how to use technology to support a culture of academic integrity in online and remote teaching and assessment. The webinar can be found below, and focused on how to use technology to support meaningful assessment online and to effectively communicate with students.

The webinar can be watched in full here!

The EDTL team has also produced an infographic designed to assist with ensuring academic integrity for remote and online assessment. In a time where many are reconsidering the role of in-person assessment in their own pedagogies, this infographic may be of use in considering the issue of academic integrity. A PDF of the graphic is available here.

This year for National Academic Integrity Week, we were joined by Morag Munro (EDTL project lead at Maynooth University) and Maynooth EDTL student interns Katharina Kurz, Robyn Meyler & Michaela Waters as they discussed student-staff partnerships to support and promote a shared culture of Academic Integrity on campus.

The full webinar can be viewed here.

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