August 2021 Newsletter

August 2021 Newsletter
August 2021 Newsletter
August 2021 Newsletter

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As the new Academic Year approaches, now is a great time to revisit some of the resources the EDTL team have created over the past year. Whether it be ensuring you are following a student-first approach or utilising online learning tools effectively, there is sure to be a resource to either refresh your memory or learn something new.

It is hard to believe that it has been over a year since we began to create EDTL resources for remote learning. At the time, remote learning felt like a very temporary solution – but even as normality gradually resumes for this upcoming year, remote teaching and learning will still have a major role to play. This means that our EDTL resources from over the last year will be as useful as ever, either to learn something new or as a refresher before the buzz of campus (mostly) returns.

The EDTL Approach

The EDTL Approach to online learning and teaching adheres to the pedagogy-first approach of this project whilst supporting staff in their professional development. This approach encapsulates several different areas of effective remote learning, from assessment and feedback to communication and engagement. Each of these themes has an accompanying webinar to further discuss the content, as well as a list of further reading and resources on the topic at hand.

EDTL Student Perspectives: Tips for Effective Online Teaching

One of the first projects our EDTL Student Interns worked on last year was a webinar in which they shared their own perspectives on online teaching from what they had experienced so far. They shared what was and was not working, some advice for educators and held a Q&A session. An accompanying infographic was also developed, which contains all of the major themes discussed through the webinar in an accessible and shareable format. This infographic contains information on effective communication, assessments and student wellbeing.

Student Led Webinars

One of the responsibilities of EDTL student interns is to provide a variety of student voices on issues related to digital learning. One of the ways this was achieved over the last year was through several student-led webinars. In the first of these, student interns shared their thoughts on online/ remote teaching and what was and was not working for them. The students then followed this up with a similar webinar but instead focussing on online/ remote assessment and how this can be delivered effectively. Their third webinar focused on student collaboration in the remote era, and how educators can support and facilitate group work that is more beneficial for all involved.

Back to College Buyers’ Guide

This guide was originally published last year at the beginning of term, but such is the rapid pace of technology that it was recently updated with a completely new set of devices. Whether your are shopping for yourself or somebody else, there is a wide collection of different devices here to suit every budget and level of performance required.

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