June 2021 Newsletter

June 2021 Newsletter
June 2021 Newsletter
June 2021 Newsletter

EDTL Resource Roundup

Since our last EDTL Resource Roundup, the EDTL teams across IUA member universities have been hard at work creating new resources that enhance digital learning for both educators and students.

This summer break will provide a great opportunity to reflect and think more about what the upcoming academic year will look like. One thing is for certain however, that digital technology will still play a large role next year. The below resources can provide you with some of the advice and guidance needed to ensure that you continue to make the most out of the digital tools you use.

TCD Gateway to Digital Assessment

Featuring contributions from the EDTL team based in Trinity College Dublin, this resource is a one-stop-shop for both students and educators when it comes to all things digital assessment. Our TCD EDTL Student Intern Ben describes the gateway’s goal as “to create one coherent page that contains everything a student needs to know about digital assessment. The page compiles resources and guides covering topics such as the different types of digital assessment, assessment literacy and tips for success with digital assessment. The Academic Practice team worked closely with student contributors and reviewers, including the TCD EDTL Intern, to ensure the resources were relevant, accessible and useful to students.”

Enhancing Interaction in Live Online Classes

Featuring a webinar and an accompanying infographic, this resource aims to provide guidance on how you can make your online classes more interactive. Many of us have been faced with the sight of rows of faceless avatars in virtual lectures, with students very reluctant to turn on their camera and interact. By encouraging interaction in the online classroom, you can make your classes more engaging and interesting for both educators and students – and this resource, featuring contributions from the EDTL Student Interns as well, provides numerous pieces of advice and tips on how you can make engagement a key feature of your virtual lectures and labs.

Student Voice Webinar

If you are looking for even more analysis and discussion of the EDTL Student Voice survey results, then this EDTL webinar from a few weeks ago will be of great interest. Featuring discussion about the formation and setup of the survey and reaction to the results, this proved to be a great session focused on the future of education.

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