April 2021 Newsletter

April 2021 Newsletter
April 2021 Newsletter
April 2021 Newsletter

Student Voice Webinar Roundup

It is no secret that the student is at the core of the EDTL approach, and so over the last few months we have hosted several webinars where students were given an opportunity to give their thoughts and answer questions on digital teaching and learning. This is a collection of these webinars and what nuggets you can expect to find in each one.

The EDTL webinar series has been running for over a year now, and the EDTL Student Intern have contributed several webinars of their own. These webinars are designed to give viewers an insight into the student perspective of online learning and an opportunity to ask any questions they would like a student perspective on as well. Below is a collection of these webinars which have taken place this academic year, along with some of the resources mentioned in each.

The Student Perspective of Online/Remote Teaching – October 2020

This first student webinar is focused on how teaching staff can create an online environment which is beneficial for students and educators. Topics such as effective communication, looking after student wellbeing and utilising various online tools are covered. There was also an infographic created from this webinar which contains all of the tips and advice contained in the webinar.

The Student Perspective of Online/Remote Assessment – November 2020

This timely webinar took place just as exam season was coming into view, and contains many useful tidbits for teaching staff when it comes to ensuring that online assessment is effective, fair and beneficial. Although this webinar is aimed at teaching staff, an accompanying infographic aimed at providing students with similarly useful assessment advice is also available.

Student Collaboration and Groupwork Online – March 2021

Taking place just last month, the student interns share their experience of online group-work along with what has and has not worked. Topics discussed here include online tools for collaboration, ensuring work is distributed evenly amongst team members and how to check-in on groups throughout the project.

Inclusivity in Digital Learning: Student Perspectives

This webinar featured a panel of students from across Irish universities who spoke about what was and was not working for them in relation to online education. Speakers included Mary Geraghty and Courtney McGrath from the Trinity Ability Co-op, and Jamie Twomey from UCC along with EDTL team members. Accessibility in online education and ensuring that structures are in place for students with additional needs are discussed in detail in this webinar, followed by a discussion about accessibility issues and opportunities in Irish universities.

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