November 2020 Newsletter

November 2020 Newsletter
November 2020 Newsletter
November 2020 Newsletter

The initial nerves surrounding the run-up to the beginning of the first semester are but a distant memory now as winter enters full-swing. The coming combination of dark evenings and winter examinations will this year be, much like everything else, different. No invigilators will roam exam halls answering queries, no panicked students will be asking if anybody has a spare calculator outside the exam hall and certainly no lecturers will be lugging boxes full of scripts around campus.

Like for much of the academic year so far, exams will be an online affair this time. This presents a whole new set of challenges, from formatting to ethics. Our earlier webinars on ‘Consider Technology to Support Academic Integrity‘ as well as ‘The Student Perspective of Online/ Remote Assessment‘ provide useful guidance in this area, and it is also covered in this months newsletter; namely the contentious issue of proctoring.

The EDTL website has expanded greatly over the last few months, and is being constantly updated to ensure it remains a valuable resource for both students and academics. Recently, we added individual Student Guides for each of our member universities which can be found under ‘For Students’ in the menu. Each of these pages contains links through to relevant resources for each universities and the services they offer. We are also constantly updating our webinar pages as well as our Instagram page.

EDTL Team Roundup

As 2020 draws to a close, this is a roundup of some of the activities our EDTL team members and their respective colleges have been doing over the last few months.

EDTL team members have, as usual, been involved in a wide variety of activities over the last few months – ranging from training to student engagement. This roundup of some of our team members’ achievements over the last few months is a testament to the hard work that was put in during a year that asked so much of both academics and students… continue reading.

The Proctor Will See You Now

Assessment season is fast approaching, and proctoring has become a topical talking point for those looking to ensure academic integrity. But is it everything that it’s talked up to be? Featuring contributions from UCC’s Head of Digital Education Tom O’Mara (@tomomara), UCC Student Intern Catherine Dawson and IUA Student Intern Ruairi O’Gallchoir, this a deep-dive on a very divisive issue.

Photo by Chris Yang on Unsplash

In a year where Covid-19 and its consequences have complicated many aspects of our lives, education has probably undergone the biggest transformation. Several months in, and lectures and students alike are finally becoming accustomed to online learning. But now as assessment time approaches, there is a whole new set of controversies and difficult decisions brewing over how to conduct these exams remotely, and how to ensure that academic integrity remains intact… continue reading.

The Good, The Bad and The Future of Online Learning

With a full semester of online learning under their belt, the EDTL Student Interns and academic staff from our member universities give their opinions on what has been good, bad and something to take from this whole experience even as things gradually return to normal.

Photo by Dylan Ferreira on Unsplash

It’s hard to believe that the first semester of this academic year like no other is nearly finished, and there is no doubt that what we have learned from this pivot to online learning is something that will stay with us for quite some time. Academics and students alike have had different experiences with online learning; from the good to the bad. But even as things gradually return to normal, it would be a shame to leave what we learned from this experience behind… continue reading.

DCU Launches Technology Enhanced Assessment Resource

DCU EDTL Team Members, Rob Lowney (@lowneyrob) and Suzanne Stone  (@suzielearning), recently coordinated the launch of the crowdsourced open educational resource of technology-enhanced assessment exemplars. Two of our EDTL Student Interns also gave their feedback on what is sure to be an invaluable resource going forward for designing effective assessment in the digital age.

Photo by Avery Evans on Unsplash

An updated version of the open educational resource (OER) of technology-enhanced assessment exemplars was launched in November by DCU partners. This updated resource, aimed at those who teach in higher education, contains further examples of how technology can support and enhance assessment… continue reading.

Tools to Enhance Online Learning

The IUA’s EDTL Student Intern, Ruairi O’Gallchoir (@tamingchance), explores the wide variety of online tools that can make online lectures more interactive, engaging and fun for both students and lecturers.

Photo by Avery Evans on Unsplash

One of the great advantages of teaching online is that you can now take advantage of the great online tools that can enhance this whole experience for both you and your students. These tools can be great to make students feel more engaged and break up longer lectures whilst offering some semblance of what teaching in the real world is like…. continue reading.

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