July 2020 Newsletter

July 2020 Newsletter
July 2020 Newsletter
July 2020 Newsletter

UCD Online Pilot Project

By Mairéad O’Reilly, Educational Technologist College of Engineering & Architecture UCD

UCD College of Engineering & Architecture

9 Academics/Engineers from the College of Engineering & Architecture in UCD participated in a fully online pilot project aimed at delivering the video production skills required to create Safety/Lab. Instructional videos to facilitate moving pre-lab and post-lab work online, optimising time spent in actual labs.

Discussions around offering a Video Production Skills 101 pilot project were underway just as Covid-19 kicked in. The idea was to run a series of face to face workshops and to bring in external expertise to deliver the final skill set. The project went on hold!

Meanwhile I was participating in the National Forum’s ‘Getting started with Online Teaching’ course and took on the challenge to design a fully online module on video production skills.

Looking ahead to the potential lab crisis facing us in September, I utilised my online module design from the National Forum course and volunteered to share my video and audio production skills with academics in the College of Engineering and Architecture.

We now have a small cohort of academics who have successfully learned the above skills and as a by-product of the project the academics experienced:

  • What it’s like to be students on an Online Course
  • Flipped classroom approach
  • Active Learning
  • Autonomous Learning
  • Skills to create Safety/Instructional lab videos

Showcase videos from the Pilot Project

Created by Dr. Sarah Cotterill, UCD School of Civil Engineering. A Safety/Instructional Video on ‘How to use a pipette’
Created by Barry Brophy, UCD School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. An Instructional video on Engine Efficiency – Thermodynamics

This 5-minute video was created by Barry Brophy, Mechanical Engineering, as an introduction to an engine testing lab. The aim of the video is to alert the students on what to take note of on the day, and give them a visual (and aural) tour of the engine so that the handout makes more sense when they read it in advance. The video allows you to give a sequenced tour of the engine with close-ups and animations that are not possible for a group of students standing around the rig.

Created by Dr. Jennifer Keenahan, UCD School of Civil Engineering showcases the relevance of her research, explaining aspects of  wind engineering to architects, planners, students and the wider public

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